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Nucular examples

This document briefly describes some of the tests and examples provided in the distribution for the nucular system.

Online demos

The demo web interfaces are available for viewing (hosted on shared machines) at the following links: The "edit" feature has been turned off on these public interfaces.

Test programs

A number of test programs are provided with the distribution and some of the archives built by these test programs are used by the other demo programs. All of these programs must be able to correctly import the nucular package, like this:
from nucular.nucular import Nucular

There are two categories of test programs available in the distribution: stand-alone self-tests that use only information from the distribution, and advanced tests which require external data archives to run completely (and try to automatically download them when they are not present).

Stand alone tests

The following basic tests do not use any external resources and are not prerequisites of other demo programs:

Tests requiring external data sets

The following tests require external data sources (which they will attempt to download using "wget" if they do not find them). They are also required prerequisites for running other demo programs. In addition to these scripts the test subdirectory includes a number of modules and tools related to testing including, a script to compare variance between two profiled Python script runs.

CGI and mod-python example interfaces

The distribution includes example test web interface implementations for the Mondial, Gutenberg, and Python distribution example archives built by the corresponding test programs. Please see the README files in the cgi and modpy subdirectories of the distribution for instructions on how to set them up under an appropriate web server.

End of Nucular examples
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